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Wrong! He does not like it and talke to associate

Posted By: Drs who also do not like and will not use it.nm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: He doesn't trust VR, or doesn't trust his MT to train it correctly? - Different Perspective


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Does anyone know anything about Anita Niles-Lee & Associate Inc?
Are they good to work for?
Professional Dictation Associate employees; may I
ask you some questions before accepting employment?  Please email privately if possible or can ask questions here if you would prefer.  Thank you.
PS is very very personable. Your treated as an associate which is wonderful, not an like an MT and
talked down to ever. Wonderful people, great place to work. Always lots of work. Can't say anything good or bad about the other company, don't know enough about them or anyone who I know who would say much. So that in itself says something, so read between the lines.
In the MT field, I associate the phrase "Indian-
in which case it's most DEFINITELY apropos.

Racist? Perhaps.

Appropriate to the situation?
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We turn down work because so many hospitals are sm
calling wanting a company that keeps work in the USA. The trend was stronger a few years ago before it all came to light about poor quality, the woman in Pakistan who threatened to post medical records on the web, 911, etc. There are hospitals who look for US-only and they are the MAJORITY not the minority. Definitely seeing the tide turn on offshore from an MTSO perspective, both MTs and customers!!!!!
You are wrong! Here is the ad. I got it too. There are no words spelled wrong and the caps are pa
This is pasted from the bottom of the email blast.

Why are you trying to stir up trouble? Keystrokes does not send ANYTHING offshore.

Here is the email blast from ILHIMA. The KS logo is at the top but does not paste here:

Rapid Turnaround, Guaranteed Accuracy, Measurable Cost Savings, U.S.A. Only, & Personal Service. These are our Five Stars of Excellence Promise. Find out what they can mean for you today. Email Pam.Gingrich@KeystrokesMT.com today!


You are so wrong in your assumption!  Although she is not with us anymore, the records need to be set straight.  Shannon has over 10 years of medical transcription experience and typed on every account we have at MDI.  You may have thought she didn't transcribe but that was because she was too busy typing on other accounts and doing the job she was hired to do which was to manage ALL of the accounts.  So before you begin to drag Shannon into the line of fire, please do your research.  She was hired to do a job which she did very well and she will be sorely missed.

Wrong, just someone who has to SM
work with people like you and is really tired of listening to the persecution complex.  I'll bet you have the same problems with the job you have now, right?
Wrong again
Actually, it's y'all - for you all.

Ya'll is for you will.

The contraction divides the words.
Before you start cutting people down, why don't you do a little bit of research on your own? Flossie is not QA DIRECTOR. BS is QA Director. Flossie is QA MANAGER. There IS a difference. And she's a DAMN GOOD ONE at that!!!!
Wrong !!!
She is out of town.
Man, you are WAY out there -- WRONG.
If you're working for MQ, you're getting up to $50 a month DSL reimbursement, not $30.

YOU pay to update your computer??? How is that?

You'd be paying your electricity anyway, unless you live so frugally from the stoneage that you don't require electricity. If you're an SE, you can claim part of that on your tax filing -- if you have a designated room for an office. As well, you can claim any rental fees for equipment -- if you're an SE.

It's your job to make sure what you are typing is correct. Asking to be paid for researching what you are responsible for is as idiotic as saying you should be paid to run spellcheck. Geez.

Virtually every part of the demographic screen is filled in and they provide all the search tools for that. On occasion you MIGHT have to type a patient's name in. Get over your bad self.

If you want to be paid for actual time you spend regardless of how productive it is in lines, then you need a job with an hourly pay instead of production. That simply isn't how it is done. You don't like it? Get an hourly job. Don't like that? Get into a different line of work.
That is where you are wrong...
There are a lot of MTs employed at OSi, so where does this "me along with everyone else" come in to place.  Oh, let me guess...you and all the other smart people?  lol!  too funny
Are you ever wrong about anything?

Opinions are always welcome...if they are not shoved down our throats.  You make me choke.

What is wrong with you?
You obviously do not work for MQ and are very rude.
You are wrong
Nothing is paid for if you work out of Amherst MQ other than production time and PTO time. I was directly told that. No exceptions!
You are wrong.
I work for Diskriter and THEY DO pay for downtime.  They have been more than fair with my pay.  Do not post things that are not true, you are WRONG.

I have worked as an Editor for a US company. I am not the owner of a MT company. I did an excellent job there and left because I chose to leave for a better opportunity. The US company where I worked had MT's call in sick daily, yet the HR person was constantly receiving emails from them about the possibility of a raise. They complained about not having enough work, yet when they were offered the opportunity to work on another account, they refused. I know that there are many quality US MT's who care about the level of quality of the work they produce. Yet there are many who are lazy and do not care about the quality of their work who constantly call in with excuses about why they can't work their shift. And US MT's (many  of them) are constant job hoppers. MTSO's have a responsibility to provide their clients with a product. If they can't count on you to work your shift, you leave them with little choice.

My experience since working for a company who offshores has been totally opposite. These MT's are eager to work. They are meticulous about the quality of every report they produce. They are eager to improve their skills as an MT. They are all educated. It's amazing that they are able to produce work that rivals yours in quality and most often exceeds it when English is not their native language. You may not want to hear this, but the truth is the truth.

Don't take this the wrong way, but
I found more than 10 spelling and grammar errors in your post, and that didn't even take into consideration the punctuation errors. Granted, this isn't work so nitpicking isn't necessary. However, why should you make as much as the experienced transcriptionists who are doing the more difficult work without errors? I was at the second highest level at S. and was off QA in less than a week. I did ESL all day long and had three different accounts to learn in less than three weeks. I consistently produce 250 lines per hour on one of my accounts without an expander, 350-400 with the expander.

You tell us how fast and accurate you are, but you're not seeing the whole picture. You can either take on a more difficult account to get a higher line rate or start using an expander. Honestly, I wouldn't take on the more difficult account if it was my choice. You're better off typing faster and using the Expander on an easier account to make more money. Don't they offer an incentive plan for lines produced, too?
My bad. I was wrong.
Wrong, wrong, and very wrong.
All three of the first points are incorrect, won't even go into the rest because they're subjective. Please contact a recruiter for accurate information.
Don't get me wrong...they are very...
nice people.  Unfortunately neither the owner nor office people have any MT experience, and all MTs are expected to not need QA.  For a newibe that can make it very difficult.  Without feedback it's impossible to know if you make an error, and you'll never know what your blanks were.  That makes it very difficult to improve when there are never answers . . .
I could be wrong, but
somewhere sometime I read they outsource work to India or they are an Indian company fronting in the US.   I can't seem to find that info right now.
i think actually you are wrong about that
whuzup w/you?
oh, get over it. nothing wrong with it.
The MTSO is only paid about half of their normal line rate when quoting VR work. No increased profits.
You can say if I'm wrong, but I almost SM

feel like they might have thought you would be a high-maintenance MT?  Okay, what I mean by that is this--did you have to call them a lot with technical problems?  Were you able to operate the software without a problem or were you getting stuck in various reports?  Was the work you did get to turn in good?  Meaning no medical terminology errors, etc.? or did you leave a ton of blanks (even if you were just learning the account?

If it makes you feel any better, there have been a number of recent posts stating that Breitner owes some people money, so it is doubtful that you would be getting a regular paycheck with them anyway.

You are wrong
I dont know how you can speak for the industry but I know for a fact a person with a lot of influence in the industry read me off names of MTs to avoid. If that is not a list I dont know what is.
Wrong??? No way!
Peter Preziosi and other AAMT bigwigs openly admit that they are helping MT industries in other countries. This is not a secret. They are not even ashamed of what they do.

I as a  new MT other than working for one physician in OH.  I had to take what i could get and as single mom of 3 myself one of which was diagnosed ped. bipolar and has been in and out of inpatient and we as a whole family have been through hell getting him the treatment he needs and DESERVES. I as a new MT jumped at the perks that Heartland had to offer adn the fact i have been able to home school my son with me working from home and at the drop of a hate it is all taken away to give jobs those who work for next to nothing. AS someone else said you get what you pay for. Yes it cost more for us than them, but I am sure the quailty of our work far better and better works, means happy clients and more work, which in the long run means profit. take the work overseas and get less quality and you get clients who are made and leave you butt behind. myself i carry the diagnoses of cardiomyopathy, left ventricular dysfunction, GERD, meniere's disease,  and hypertension and I needed Heartland's insurance and many other great perks.

We as AMERICANS need to stop putting up with all of the jobs that we are losing to low paid people over seas.  Big companies are killing the AMERICAN DREAM and we have to put a stop to it as a country.

Very good company to work for! Happy employees. The ones let go are ONLY let go because they refuse to stay in TAT. We get everyone a chance!
I was wrong! SM

I don't live in Tennessee (but my old company is based there), so I looked up their law on this, and here is what I found:

Tennessee Wage Regulation Act Title 50-2-101

What is the law concerning payment of final paychecks to employees?

Tennessee employees who are laid off, fired, or who quit must be paid their wages in full at the next regular payday, not to exceed 21 days from the date of their discharge or termination. Wages include vacation time earned by the employee. Claims against an employer for late payment may be filed with the Labor Standards Division. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development has the authority to enforce this law. You may review this law at Tennessee Revised Statutes Title 50-2-103(g)


Oh well!  LOL  In the state where I reside, you have to pay your employees on their last day (if they give at least 3 days' notice), otherwise you have to pay them on the next business day!

Have a good weekend everyone!

No,that's wrong (sm)
I seriously doubt you would be expected to type more than one (maybe 2  with 1 as a backup) just because they have a new account.  It is a well-run company and they want you to be familiar with 1 account so that you can make money; if you type a lot, they make more money as well.  That's as it should be.  The hospital you are inquiring about is a multi-specialty hospital.  I've been there for almost a year and it's the best job I've had in years.
You could not be more wrong.
You do not know who I am, I have never posted that I did not check my line counts. In fact, the above post is the first one I have made regarding Breitner. People like me? You don't know me and you certainly don't know what kind of person I am. You are obviously not a professional or you would not resort to cheap personal potshots to try and make your point. Just because you could not make it at this company does not mean others can't. Face it, not everyone who worked for this company had the same experience you did. If they had, the company would have gone under a long time ago, because we would not be able to keep MTs. We have many long-term MTs, many of whom have been here as long as I have. Yes, they love people like us...people who show up for their shifts and produce while they are on, no excuses. Most MT companies DO love people like us.
I think you are wrong (sm)
I have been with them for a year.  I have 2 friends who came to work there after me.  It is as great as it sounds, honest it is.  None of us can believe our good fortune.  I guess you probably won't believe this either, but I'll continue.  We are treated with respect, and it makes us take pride in the company we work for and want to do a good job and want them to succeed.  I don't blame you for being cynical, there are so many unethical companies out there, and this just ain't one of 'em.  Good luck.  When you get tired of wherever you are, TT needs more good people.
Do something wrong and it
inevitably will catch up with you in some way or another. Maybe not now but in your lifetime; seen it happen. I don't have a problem with jealousy over the pay. Their ethics is none of my business but respect is. It is hard to work with people that you don't respect, thats my issue with the entire thing.
What is wrong with OSI?
Thinking about applying.  I know many MTs would love the opportunity to work off the clock to get extra lines in.  Don't you get a production incentive therre?  Sticking to a schedule that is strict and won't let you work extra if you need the cash is why I left MQ.
I have seen reports that were typed by a person fairly new to this field who was recently promoted and they were full of critical errors. It is ALL ABOUT THE BROWN NOSING so you can take your own brown nosing self and do something else with it. If she learned that in a teaching hospital I am sorry for her. My work is not perfect and I don't expect or need a promotion... but this is WRONG.
wrong - no pay for ADT
ADT is not paid. Notice how you fill it all in for a no-report but your line count still shows 0 when you send it?
That is just wrong!!!
I use EXText platform for my service and my MTs have full access to each and every report/line count using Control-I. I would be very suspicious if they tell you the platform doesn't check. It does....headers/footers/spacers, all of the above. Remember that the MTSO/hospital has the ability not all the MT to check the lines....and if that were the case, you should run the other direction as they are taking advantage of you and ripping you off!!! I would never ever do that to my MTs. That is very fishy....quit immediately. Don't let companies take advantage of you. Just my honest opinion.
Yes, you are wrong.
what is so wrong
with people asking? According to this whole 2-hour presentation, Acusis is planning on taking on more and more companies to become a huge company. How doesn't that possibly affect other MTs? Nothing wrong with asking.
you are wrong - so many

of us have been fooled by recruiters who promise great things and then once you are in it is nothing like they said it would be.  A friend was hired for acute care and once she was working other MTs there said they never had an acute care contract -- all clinic. Or please work on this horrible account until the great new one starts - next week, er, week after that, er -- what new contract? I had a recruiter tell me that other companies put posts here about how great their company is.  Very few if any of us aren't rooting for KS to be as great as you think it is. We are just once burned, twice shy, that is all. I would be happy if there were so many great companies out there that it was hard to choose one to work for, unfortunately that is not the case.



You could not be more wrong.
This industry is NOT paying less. I've been in it over 20 years. I'm making more money now than ever before and I've never made less than $40K. I make in the mid $60's now.

Even if you, in particular, feel you have less wages, your pay has no comparison at all to what Indians make.

What a little bitty mindset.

Nothing is wrong with OSi that I know of
I've been there almost a year and find everyone very friendly, pay on time and benefits are reasonable. 
Your probably not doing anything wrong.
It all depends on the account, format, platform, docs, percentage of ESLs and normals. There are not that many accounts that allow for this kind of production. Ask your lead for the average production of other MTs on your account.

Well, most got paid, but D&L had a date with PA Labor and Industry and possibly the Attorney General in PA.  I would NEVER work for them again, they are not reputable in my book, just glad I got most of my money as an IC...
10-key has nothing to do with having to look up doctor names in a directory or searching for dates of service in a directory. You are obviously on one of the good accounts there (and as I was on several different ones, I know what the good ones are). The majority of the accounts have busybody DI searches that have nothing to do with 10-key.

Additionally, the sound quality was horrible on MOST accounts, but probably not yours, I'm guessing.

The reason this is being drawn out as you say is because newbies have questions and we have the right to give them our opinion.

By the way, you aren't an MT there anymore, am I right? Aren't you a supervisor?
I could be wrong.....
BUT I think 10-key skills means you know how to properly type using the 10 home keys so you don't make a lot of errors and you can type faster???? That's what I thought 10-key skills means.

Also, as far as the comment below about her being a supervisor now, as far as I know, all of the supervisors I know there have been there for a very long time....definitely no new ones since I've been there the last year and a half.
You are wrong
I have written my state and federal legislators. I talk to people about it all the time. At least 2 people I have talked to about the subject have called in to talk radio shows about it.

BTW, your condesceding tone - about anyone crying on this board - is loathsome. You are a big part of the reason why our country has gone down the tubes. We have more foreign workers than at any time in history in this country now and we are exporting more jobs than at any time in history. Our trade deficit is huge.

You need to educate yourself about the economic situation in this world. By many criteria, the US is worse off than most third world countries. And yes, we can control who we do business with - that is all controlled by government regulations and laws. We need to make our government accountable to us. We have no one to blame but ourselves. While we are being sold out - not just MTs, all the workers in this country - by our government, the American people are watching American Idol, Survivor, and whatever other tripe they put on TV. When was the last time you watched a Frontline program? Or listened to the views of someone who didn't agree with you - in the hopes of expanding your understanding?

This is the world you are leaving your grandchildren to contend with.
You are misinformed. DocQScribe is an excellent format to work on BUT it counts in a way that will shock you. AND can change from day to day, minute to minute. The program that is used to control it is called DocQMANAGE. In DocQManage are things you will not believe. You might have access to PART of DocQManage, but not ALL OF IT. They assign a divisor which can mean that you are TOLD that you are paid on a 65 character line, but will not be. There are so many options in there for line counting that it would make you sick, enough to sink a ship. One person might actually be getting paid fairly, but others are just as likely to not be paid fairly. IT IS A JOKE AND HAS TOTALLY CHANGED PEOPLE'S LIVES. Something has to change.